Why are you building muscle and getting stronger while you sleep?

Besides working out and eating the right food, it is also essential to get a good night’s sleep to build muscle. If you are deprived of sleep on a regular basis, it will stimulate your appetite, makes you crazy and you will have the risk of diseases like diabetes and hypertension. If you don’t sleep for seven to eight hours every night, it can shorten your lifespan.

The growth factor

Newborns sleep for about 18 hours every day. They need this resting time to take advantage of their growth hormone. The Same logic applies to us. You must sleep to secrete the growth hormone. If you don’t get proper sleep, then you won’t build your muscles much.

Chance of getting fat

Many people may think that if you don’t sleep enough, you will burn more fat. But the opposite thing happens. If people get less than six hours of sleep, they develop poor insulin resistance. If you cannot control your insulin, then you will get fat. You will also have the chance of having diabetes type II.

Performance anxiety

Getting enough sleep will improve your performance in the gym. Your nervous system is responsible for mental clarity and power output. If these attributes decrease, you will not perform well. If you don’t sleep enough, physical fatigue will lead to mental fatigue.

Develop emotional abnormalities

Lack of sleep results in a continuous flow of stress hormones, like cortisol. It makes you more irritable. Your learning capacity may decrease, and you may have emotional abnormalities.

If you don’t get enough sleep, your body’s ability to burn fat and gain muscle will be impaired. Studies show that if you have 6-9 hours of sleep every night, then you will be able to perform at your best.


Five biggest mistakes people make when building muscle

Many men dream of building muscles. But by doing too much exercise or listening to too many advices, they often fail to reach their goal. Here are five major mistakes people make when building muscle.

Taking too many supplements

Supplements are meant to fill the gaps in the main food diet. It lets you work harder in the gym. They are not to be replaced for your actual diet. Many people take supplements instead of actual food. You will get better results with your natural diets.

Doing more exercise

You shouldn’t overtrain yourself. Your muscles grow when you are not working. So, doing more is always not better. You need to give time for recovery. You should let your muscle heal before you train them again.

Eating more bad calories

You should limit eating food with bad calories like burgers and ice creams. There are times when men get a bit loose on their diet and start eating these foods until they notice the change in their body. There is no point building up your body and then ruining the whole thing by taking some junk food. So, you should avoid eating food with bad calories at all cost.

Performing more pro level routines

You should not do pro level exercises regularly. When athletes do these exercises, they take the perfect diet and supplement for a long time. They have coaches and nutritionists to help them every day. They are capable of taking heavier loads. But you are not prepared to do that. So, you should read tips and recommendations before trying out pro level routines.

More routine changes

You shouldn’t change your routine too much. This may cause some of your body parts to get overdeveloped and some to remain undertrained. When you are trying out a particular routine, give yourself some time to observe the result.

You should avoid these common mistakes when you work out in the gym to build muscles. These can prevent you from achieving your fitness goals.

Four natural muscle supplements that you should consider

Most sports supplements that are marketed to people do not work. Only the dietary or food supplements provide positive results. These supplements build your muscle naturally. Here are the four natural muscle supplements you should intake.

Whey Protein


There is no replacement for quality protein supplements. Whey protein is critical for muscle gains. It has a low biological value. It can be obtained from food sources. You should take whey protein two times a day.You should take it in the morning after waking up and right after your training.

Amino Acids


It increases muscle density and improves the recovery rate after training. Essential amino acids must be taken through foods that we eat. The amino acids are metabolized by muscle tissue directly. They are used to develop new proteins after hard training.



In the 90s, when it was first introduced in the market, it became a favorite supplement for athletes around the world. It helps to boost lean muscle mass and increases the energy of muscles. So, you can train harder. It also hydrates muscle tissue, so makes them stronger and bigger. Creatine is naturally produced in the kidneys, liver, and pancreas.

Omega-3 fish oil


It supports blood circulation and lets nutrients like carbohydrates and protein reach the muscle. It helps in fat loss by maximizing metabolic rate. You will have a better cardiovascular health if you take Omega-3 fish oil.

Supplements are no longer optional for building muscles. They are essential. You should take the right amount of supplements each day to help you grow and strengthen your muscles.